Are you certified organic?

We are certified by the Organic Food Chain (OFC, Certification #0728). We are also keen members of the Organic Federation of Australia (OFA).


What is organic?

Authentic organic products are grown and processed without the use of synthetic inputs, such as chemicals, fertilisers or GMO’s. Is it a whole systems or holistic means of growing or handling food, which is linked, including soil, plants, animals, food, people and the environment.


What is certified organic?

In order to guarantee that products are organic, they need to be certified, which involves auditing and operations methods to ensure that they comply with the guidelines of organic production. Being certified sets standards for transparent processes that are upheld by rigorous auditing of operations, inputs and third party report reviewing processes, which are themselves audited by government authorities. Being a certified organic wholesaler or producer is a guarantee of organic integrity, because every step of the process from paddock to plate must be audited according to the Australian Certified Organic Standards.


What types of stores do you supply?

We supply retailers, organic stores, fruit and veg stores, juice bars, paleo restaurants, cafés, market stall holders, co-ops, buying groups and manufacturers


What regions do your products come from?

Most of our fresh produce comes from South East Queensland and Northern NSW. However, depending on the season, we also source from other regions of the East Coast of Australia.


Are the products you sell Australian made?

The majority of our produce and groceries are 100% Australian, and we always choose Australian products when they are available. However, some products are not available in certified organic in Australia. Some examples of these include coconut oil (from Sri Lanka), Italian pastas and sauces (from Italy), dried dates (from the USA or Iran) and pink rock salt (from the Himalayas). There are also some great products that we source from overseas that customers demand, such as Braggs products (from the USA).


How do I qualify to become a wholesale customer?

You must be a registered Australian business (with an ABN) and able to meet our terms and conditions, which we will send to you upon approval of your registration.


What are your terms for ordering and payment?

When you register to become a wholesale customer, we will send you the terms and conditions, which cover ordering deadlines, payment terms and minimum quantities.


Do I receive a weekly price list?

Yes, we send out a price list every Saturday, with weekly updates via email.


How do I place orders?

We currently send a weekly price list in Excel format, which can be filled out and emailed back to us. We will be launching an online ordering system and a mobile app in the near future (due August 2016).


Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to the east coast of Australia (QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC), South Australia and the Northern Territory.


Who do you use for delivery?

We have our own vehicles for some South East Queensland deliveries. We also utilise various transport companies that do daily deliveries throughout main regions of the East Coast of Australia. We work with you to solve the logistics, so you can receive your products as soon and as fresh as possible.


Can I collect stock from your warehouse?

Yes, you can collect stock from our warehouse at 45 Queens Road Everton Hills QLD 4053.