Our Farmers

Below are just a few of our 150+ cottage producers.

Moya Valley Poultry 1  Moya Valley Poultry 2

Moya Valley Poultry – free-range chickens (steroid, antibiotic, growth promotant free)

Kevin Ross, the owner of Moya Valley Poultry, first started the business as a home delivery service in 1990 at Gherulla near Kenilworth, Queensland. Due to high demand for the product, Kevin purchased land at Imbil, in the picturesque Mary Valley Hinterland in 1993, which has since become the home for Moya Valley Poultry.


Walker's Fresh Farm Food 1  Walker's Fresh Farm Food 2

Walker’s Fresh Farm Food – true free range, pastured chook eggs

Set in the beautiful surrounds of farming lands in the Mary Valley region in South-East Queensland, Walker’s are exclusive to Organic Farms Market in Brisbane.



Fraser Coast Free Range

Fraser Coast Free Range’s hens are fed on premium freshly milled, certified organic grains in a natural sea-side environment. Their eggs are Australian certified organic.


GreenAG 1  GreenAG 2

GreenAG Organic Free-Range Turkeys (certified organic, fresh or frozen)

Set in the beautiful surrounds of the Cutella farming district in South-East Queensland, open space allows for GreenAg turkeys to forage around and makes for happy turkeys.


Cooloolah Milk 1  

Cooloolah Milk – organic Jersey milk and cream

Cooloola Milk is situated right on the Mary River on the southern side of Gympie in Dagan. The farm has over 400 cows (all Jerseys) and produces Cooloola Milk in their state-of-the-art on-farm facility. The product is distributed all around the region including to the Sunshine Coast and the northern suburbs of Brisbane.


Beau-vista Farm  Cleopatra's

Beau-Vista Parks Organic Farm

Beau-Vista are well known for their Cleopatra brand and grow a range of organic produce, including beans, peas, tomatoes, snow peas, capsicum, ginger and turmeric.


Sandy Creek Organic Farm

Sandy Creek Organic Farm – mixed certified organic farm

Sandy Creek Organic Farm is a community supported agriculture farm providing the local community with great quality, freshly picked, affordable, certified organic produce.


Double Creek Farm 1  Double Creek Farm 2

Double Creek Farm – Organic tomatoes & leb cues

Located in the Mary Valley Region, Tony & Mandy Caetano have two main interests, Horses & Tomatoes. When we first tasted their tomatoes, we were astonished at the flavour and quality. Tony grows his tomatoes according to organic principles and is in the process of organic certification. These are the best tomatoes that we have come across.


Black Crow Organics 1  Black Crow Organics 2

Black Crow Organics

Tammy and Dave Litzow are third generation farmers. Their family own and farm Black Crow Organics at Tenthill near Gatton. They produce a range of certified organics including potatoes, pumpkins, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, capsicum, watermelon, rockmelon.


Macs Organic Produce 1  Macs-Organic-Produce-2

Macs Organic Produce – Mixed vegetables

The Mackinnon’s farm is situated in Blackbutt and is an in-conversion organic farm. The elevation keeps it a bit cooler so they can excel in the very hot months with crops that become more difficult to consistently grow like kale, herbs, silver beet and beetroot.


SpringLakes Farm6  SpringLakesfarm7

Spring Lakes Farm

Spring Lakes Farm is a family owned Australian certified organic cottage farm located in the Lockyer Valley. They are passionate about authentic organic food and are currently growing sweet potatoes, pumpkins, leb cues, tomatoes, herbs and other crops.